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Institute of Practical Psychophysics has successfully completed a surveillance audit for compliance with European standards


Institute of Practical Psychophysics has successfully completed another surveillance audit for compliance with ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 "Medical devices - Quality management systems - System
requirements for regulatory purposes" standards and Medical Device Directive 93/42/┼┼Đ, which was carried out on May 28 by British Standards Institution.

British Standards Institution is rightfully considered one of the oldest, legendary and most respected organizations in a field of certification.

BSI is a worldwide brand with the mission of its presence global extension, provision of equal possibilities to all clients in all countries regardless of national economy development and local culture.


Institute of Practical Psychophysics has held International conference ôLatest achievements of NLS-technology. Prospects for developmentö on April 22-24, 2016.

The conference was held in Sochi, where most worthy forums on culture, music, literature, science and medicine are traditionally held. The place of the Conference was Sochiĺs magnificent Bogatyr Hotel, located in the very center of the Olympic village.
Users and dealers from Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Bulgaria, Iran, Columbia, Australia participated in the conference.

At the conference IPP presented its latest developments ľ hardware-software systems with źMetapathia Hospital╗, źGolden Dragon╗, źSakura╗ and źPrana╗ 3D software.

HSS ôMetatronö users presented a number of professional and demonstrative reports based on experience of NLS-technologies application in various fields of medicine: toxicology, sports medicine, pediatrics, oncology, gynecology and others.

This even allowed all participants to get acquainted with the latest developments of IPP, share international experience of work with NLS-systems, get technical support and practical guidance.
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New generation of HSS ôMetatronö with professional medical software


In 2015-2016 Institute of Practical Psychophysics has introduced new fifth generation of devices with professional medical software:


All mentioned models were created on the basis of ôMetapathia GR Clinicalö software and include all its features, etalons and functions.

New generation of software supports Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese simplified and Japanese languages.

All mentioned software versions are identical in functional possibilities and cost, but have certain region-related specificity.
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